you’d never know it’s friday

I must have laid out my cranky pants when I was packing my clothes last night, because I’ve got a whole head full of bitchiness and I’m not quite sure why. This week has taken a lot out of me mentally. Traffic’s been a bitch. Husband’s been sick, and I’m not the most sympathetic person when it comes to dealing with sick people. Work’s been a bit much the last few days and today doesn’t look to be much different. I need to step back, reframe it all and put a sunny spin on all of this because this is no mood with which to head into the weekend. Often times when the shit piles up, I have a hard time knowing where to start. Do I start at the bottom, with what was given to me first, or do I start at the top? Do I sort through it all, make a list, prioritize based on amount of time needed to complete task A, B, C? I put up mental roadblocks quite often when it comes to my desire to get it all done. I hate going into the weekend with a leftover to do list and crowded inbox, but it may have to happen today. I’m picking up the slack from a former coworker who they’ve yet to find a replacement for on top of doing my own work. . .perhaps giving more of myself than I have to give today. . .I do know that I don’t plan on working over the weekend, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t happen. Not enough hours in the day. . .or, perhaps there are and I’m just not making the most of them.The day was so much more promising when I was running this morning. . .can I just go back to that place where my mind was clear and everything was moving along at a decent speed? I need to remember how to breathe, outside of the gym, outside of the trail, outside of yoga class. . .it might aid me in getting things done smoothly, calmly, realistically.  


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