The chill


The temperature plummeted today ushering in the chill. You step outside and you feel it. My knees ached. My winter coat didn’t seem to stop the penetration from the icy air. It was a good day to stay indoors, to crank up the heat and throw on another layer. To savor another cup of coffee and enjoy the warmth of my child as she lay on my chest. I’d definitely say that at this point in November, our days of springlike warmth are over…guess it’s about time I head back to the office that I left back in August before my daughter was born. Time to get back to reality, to responsibility beyond my unchallenging housekeeping to do list. Time to readjust to someone elses schedule, to meetings, to things that will most likely seem truly unimportant now that I have another human being to care for.

The chill is a stark reminder of change. You know it’s coming, you feel it coming, but you’re just not willing to accept it until it slaps you in the face.


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