I spent a good portion of my afternoon today sewing curtains for my son’s room. Keep in mind that I haven’t really sewn anything on a sewing machine since 7th grade. Having recently purchased a machine for myself I
figured curtains were just the right amount of challenge to undertake for my first project.
After viewing a YouTube video or two on seaming two pieces of fabric together, I felt like I had enough of an understanding of the process to forge ahead. The idea was to make a color-blocked look, attaching three panels of solid color to the bottom of a sheer panel. The panels were 60″ wide and varied in height. The real challenge was measuring everything and making sure that the segments were roughly the same size on both panels.
Above is my impromptu pincushion. I couldn’t figure out where to stick my pins as I was sewing and Sebastian happened to be handy. He kind of resembled a pincushion in texture. I’m hoping to have photos of the completed project early next week…kind of put a deadline on myself seeing as this is part my sons birthday gifts.


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