typical tuesday

Felt very accomplished last night.
Finally did that laundry I’ve been meaning to do since I got back from Savannah (which is a good thing seeing as I’ll be out of town visiting 20three in LA this weekend).
Made some stuffed shells for dinner.
Relaxed and took care of some wedding stuff, like securing addresses from people.

Second night in a row w/no drinking involved. . .trying to see if that makes a difference at all in the weight department.

And now, another typical tuesday.
Work to be done.
Hoping to make it to the tanning salon this evening.
Much looking forward to my long weekend in LA.

later days,


15 thoughts on “typical tuesday

  1. when i quit drinking beer and liquor everyday, i lost 25 pounds in about 3 months…and that was before i started going to the gym at all.

    now i just have an occasional glass of wine and maybe a few beers on the weekends…it makes a HUGE difference.

    good luck!

  2. thanks. I’m trying to see if I can make it until the end of the week, but I’m not quite sure how well I’ll do.
    drinking’s a habit for me.
    not a destructive one. I don’t drink until I’m drunk every night, but I do enjoy a cold one or two after work:)

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