so apparently. . .

. . .Michelle, one of the sales people, is sitting in the front conference room proofing her ads, and this bald headed black guy walks in the front door. . .she sees him, gets up and says, “Can I help you”. . .he mumbles something and then runs. He came in the front door. We don’t have a receptionist or anyone usually sitting near the front door. . .
we’ve been keeping the back door locked, but not the front, probably out of safety/fire hazard, etc.
this is the sucky part about working on the first floor. anyone can just come right on in the building.
I’m getting a lock installed on my office door per request of my boss as I have a fairly substantial amount of computer equipment in here.

I don’t particularly enjoy feeling unsafe in my work environment.
I haven’t left my desk hardly at all today.
I don’t think I realized what an impact last week had on me, as I haven’t slept well as of late.
I don’t like the fact that every young black male I see, I suspect. . .

this can’t be healthy.

later days,


12 thoughts on “so apparently. . .

  1. man, that can’t be a good feeling…I remember similar feelings during the sniper time in VA…

    I hope you are able to lock things up before you leave to come to CA this weekend so that you can enjoy your visit and not be worried…

  2. the things that reside in my office are not what I worry about. its the little, much more portable things that we carry into the office everyday (i.e. phone, purse, etc.) that’s a bit more worrysome.

    I’m hoping to have the lock on my door before I go.

  3. yup, she saw both of them on thursday, but I don’t know how accurate of a description she was able to give then. Shock sometimes clouds the mind.

  4. That sucks! I wonder if the word got out on the street and this dude was just late to the party. I don’t think you’ll have a problem as long as people are paying attention. You should definitely have someone up front for awile though. And I wouldn’t leave anything important in my office for extended periods of time if I wasn’t there. Bummer!

  5. all the usual suspects.

    Isn’t it odd that if a white guy robbed you in the street, you would not likely suspect every other white guy you see, yet when it’s a black guy…well?
    Hardly fair, is it?

  6. Re: all the usual suspects.

    actually, had I seen two white guys rob me, I’d be wary of them as well if I had their description ingrained in my brain.
    having people come into your space, twice in a weeks time, makes you feel rather unsafe, regardless of the color of their skin.

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