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putt putt, originally uploaded by dharmabumx.

The fall weather has come suddenly. We went from being in the 80s to barely being in the 60s overnight. It shouldn’t come as too much of a shock to the system, yet it always does. Now it’s all about layers and socks and how being in the sunshine will warm you up for a little bit.

Yesterday the husband and I, inspired by a coupon from the Sunday paper, set out to play a little mini golf and then indulge in some deep dish pizza. I don’t quite recall the last time I went out to eat pizza, nor am I sure of the last time I did some creative putting…but both were equally satisfying. It was crisp as we set out to Top Golf. The Mountain course was the only one open (they’ve got two courses) and we were, for most of our 18 holes, the only people on the course. I have a bit of a habit of putting a little too hard, thus causing the ball to ricochet and often bounce off course. I’m quite honestly surprised it didn’t end up going over the fence and either onto the driving range or into Van Dorn Street. In the end, my husband triumphed in the match…beating me by 5 strokes. It was pretty close for most of the game, however…I think enforcing a 10 stroke limit kept it in reach for both of us. Post tee-time, we headed over to Pizzeria Uno (this would be where the coupon comes in), split a deep dish pie and had a few beers. I used to go to Uno’s in high school somewhat frequently and seeing a coupon in the Sunday circulars made me crave the carb feast. It was nearly as good as I remembered and kept us both full for the rest of the day.

Today, we’re sitting around, one of us more anxious than the other, awaiting the magic time when we hop in our car and head over to FedEx field for the Skins/Browns game. Seriously, the husband doesn’t know what to do with himself right now. 4:00 games leave us with a little more time in the morning than we’re used to having on game day and neither one of us is all that good at sleeping in at this point. It will be perfect football weather, finally…and I can’t wait to get my tailgate on…enjoy some chili, a few good beers and hope that the Skins win this week.


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