shedding a few pounds…

ImageI’m still feeling a little foggy from lack of sleep. You’d think I’d be able to catch up on some Z’s during the day but I seem to lack the ability to nap. Coffee is my friend. I took advantage of some babysitting in the form of my husband (who was off today) and got my hair cut. I tend to oscillate between long and short. Long being easier because I don’t do anything with it other than throw it up in a sloppy bun or ponytail. Long also being more boring for me because that’s all I do with it. When my hair is bobbed, I at least put some effort into my appearance. I feel more polished, more sassy, more bouncy, more me. Plus, going to the salon felt wonderful. A few hours to myself. Someone bringing me coffee and washing my hair.

Every day should start with just a little pampering, shouldn’t it? Makes me seriously think about using the clock feature on the coffee maker to treat myself to a ready to go cup of coffee come the morning of 11/18.

This update to my “mom of two” look is in preparation for my return to the office. Who says being exhausted means you have to look it, right? People will be so distracted by my shiny, bouncy hair that they’ll ignore the dark circles under my eyes (my concealer doesn’t seem to be masking as much as I’d like). I swear I felt more energetic a week ago than I do right now and I’m hoping to recover by the time I have to return to my commute. I can’t imagine functioning in a corporate environment in this groggy state. I’ll be just about as useless as I was the last few weeks before I delivered my daughter.


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