One foot in front of the other

sunday-runOnce I hit six weeks postpartum, I was given the all clear to start running again. As was true when I was pregnant with my son, running was one of the things I had really missed. Nothing does a better job of clearing my mind and putting me in tune with myself than a nice run. Running in the fall with the crisp air filling my lungs and all of the colors to distract me from the repeated beating of my feet on the pavement is truly a guilty pleasure. Today I clocked just shy of three miles in 30 minutes. I’m working back up to being able to bust out a nice five mile run on Sunday mornings but don’t want to push too hard too soon. Once I get back to work in a few weeks I’ll be able to more regularly add miles during the week. But for now, I’ll have to enjoy just another Sunday morning run.


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