Family Traditions


It’s November. A month ripe with family, traditions, food. Pure autumnal bliss, in my opinion.

But before we move along to all things turkey and being thankful, I wanted to reflect on last night.

Pictured above is my family…all four of us in glorious Halloween regalia. Dressed to the nines, by my son’s request, as a construction company.We have Alva the excavator, Nora the cone, and myself and my husband as diligent construction workers. I think I had more fun pulling all of this together this year than in any year prior.



My son proudly wore his costume to around eight houses until one of the shoulder straps gave way (hey, duct tape isn’t completely infallible, especially in light drizzle) and the cardboard doors got a bit droopy. Cardboard painted in washable tempera paint isn’t exactly the most weatherproof of costumes. He soldiered on to a few more houses after shedding the digger, donned in my plastic hard hat and an IKEA Kids reflector vest. He was having so much fun running from door to door with our neighbor’s kid, screaming trick or treat. He even remembered to say thank you, mostly unprompted.




Nora hung out most of the night in her cone costume, dozing peacefully in her carseat while my husband doled out candy to a modest crowd of trick-or-treaters. I had originally constructed this costume without armholes (a complete accident on my part…sewing isn’t my strong suit) but decided at the last minute to cut some. It’s mighty hard to hold a two-month old encased in a soft construction cone.



At the end of the night, Alva and I returned home, evaluated his haul (why do people give small children large handfuls of candy) and settled on one piece to eat before winding down for bed, another sweet Halloween memory following him to sleep:)




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