I would’ve titled this post TGIF, however…going back through the history of all of the times I’ve written, I’m sure that has been a title more often than not on a Friday.

In my younger crazier days, folks would ask me what I was doing for the weekend and I’d reply with something interesting like “volunteering at a beer festival” or “going camping in the mountains“.

Now, bizarrely, I’m enthralled by the fact that we’re going grocery shopping. Not just any grocery shopping, but a shopping trip involving going to a local butcher to procure a nice steak for Sunday. In a shopping center that has not only a butcher, but also a Trader Joes, CVS, and a Buy Buy Baby.

One stop shopping, baby. One stop shopping. What’s not to get excited about?

Wow. Either I’m getting old or entirely too domesticated to where little things like this, that involve getting out of the house on the weekend, get me way too excited.

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