The things we do for our children

Happy, originally uploaded by dharmabumx.

You know, I’m not entirely sure that my son will remember his 2nd birthday. I don’t think he’ll remember making pizza for everyone, wearing a little red apron and standing on a stool while mommy stood behind him, aiding in the preparation. He may not remember receiving more toys than he currently knows what to do with or being doted on by both of his grandmothers.
What I do think he’ll take away from this, eventually, are some of these images. Pictures of some of the cool details his graphic designer/foodie mom put into the party. Video of moments of sheer joy. And, perhaps he know this now, the feeling of how much love the people who attended have for him.

While I was a bit of a stress ball in preparation for this party, it really truly went off without a hitch and everyone seemed to have a good time and enjoy the festivities, including my son who seemed happy to be the center of attention (definitely takes after his mother on that one).

Here are a few images from a fantastic (and rather exhausting) Saturday afternoon.



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