Cake walk

Tonight I’m pulling out my Betty Crocker persona and baking 36 cupcakes (18 yellow, 18 chocolate) and two 8″ rounds in each flavor in order to make cake pops as well. You’d think we were having more than 10 people over for Alva’s birthday by the looks of my kitchen, and I’m only getting started w/the party prep. I’m sure, in the end, I’ll have too much food for the folks attending and will have to take some leftovers into work, but I’d rather over prepare than leave people hungry, you know?

Tonight I’m baking, tomorrow I’m assembling the cake pops and Friday I’m icing the cupcakes as well as making the mac & cheese bites we’ll be eating Saturday afternoon. It’s a good thing I made a spreadsheet detailing each night this week and what needs to be done when. I was having a bit of an issue nailing down timing on a few things for this week and sorting things out into a column for myself and a column for my husband helped me to feel ever so slightly more in control of the situation. It’s hard considering I don’t want to do much other than sit on the couch at the end of the day (once I’m done playing w/Alva of course), but I know that doing a little bit of party prep every day will make a big difference in my demeanor come Saturday afternoon.

Back to the ovens…



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