One foot in front of the other

So I’m running a 5K in about 4 weeks.

This sentence would be no big deal considering the amount of running I’ve done in the past few years, however, there’s been a bit of a change in my fitness habit lately. Mostly, I’ve kind of broken the habit.

In my previous live (aka, at my previous job), I religiously went to the gym 5 days a week before work, working out with a personal trainer about one day a week. Even on mornings that I couldn’t muster the energy for a complete workout, I was there. Hitting the treadmill and running a few miles or dragging my ass outside to run. Sometime after being ousted from my job (aka, my position was eliminated), I stopped exercising. You’d think with all that time on my hands fitness would be easy. However, I became supremely lazy.

Now I work for a company that provides me with a rather nice gym on site. Free. With classes and access to trainers for a very reasonable fee. With a great path around campus to run on as well as access to a fantastic trail nearby and easy neighborhoods to run through. Restablishing the running habit or even the hop on the elliptical for 30 minutes habit has been easier said than done. Some days I’ll drag my gym bag to my desk only to let it sit there, unopened, clothes unsweated in. I’ll find myself “busy” or make excuses not to go down to the gym three floors below me.

Healthy habits are easy to break, hard to reestablish.

In this case I really needed to focus on getting back to the gym. Walking outside or running and taking advantage of the gorgeous fall weather we’ve been having lately. Especially since I’d like to not make a poor showing at the race next month. I’m truly only racing myself, but still. Anything over an 11 minute mile average would just be sad. I ran a 10 mile race just under 7 months ago and now I can’t seem to find my legs again.

Today I put my shoes on. I went outside. I put one foot in front of the other.

The hardest part of getting back into the habit is getting out the door. The rest is cake.



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