Eastern Standard Time

What is an hour.

60 minutes. 1/24th of a day.

This whole thing we do twice a year with the clock. The gaining and losing of daylight in order to fit into some previous agrarian society that we no longer live in, it’s nutty. As anyone with kids knows it doesn’t always sit well with the younger set. I was particularly concerned this year as my son is nearly two and on a bit of a schedule as far as sleeping and waking. When greeted by the sun, my son awakes, which means that I, in turn, must get out of bed.

Amazingly the falling back that we do, which makes it light in the morning and much, much darker earlier in the evening (seriously, why does it seem SO much darker), didn’t have any affect on my little man. Thank god. Astonishingly he slept until 7:30 or so this morning (feels-like time 8:30) and pushed through until his normal bedtime of 7pm (feels-like time 8:00).

I can only hope that he’s as well adjusted tomorrow morning when I wake him up at 6 am.



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