Breaking the seal…

So today I finally got off my lazy rear and sent out a resumé. For a job. That I’m actually qualified for.

The first step is indeed the hardest. After that you just keep walking, one foot in front of the other, until you reach the door that wants to open for you.

Whether or not this particular endeavor leads to employment, I can at least say that I’m looking, actively. There are a large number of jobs available in this area and I’m fortunate to live in a region where that’s the case. If I look at it as an opportunity to explore what’s out there instead of constantly viewing it as finding the next company with which to spend 12 years of my life, maybe it won’t be so overwhelming. Most people have more than one company on their resumé. Perhaps its time that I added a few more.

Here’s hoping that breaking the seal leads to more opportunities and a bit more motivation.



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