Baby it’s cold outside…

If it didn’t feel like the holiday season a week ago, it certainly does now. Temperatures this week will struggle to reach 40 for a high and the wind is making it feel even colder. No matter how many winters I head into, I’m never quite ready for that initial blast that pushes my body to adapt to such frigid air.  Part of me wants to embrace it, to go outside and run a few miles, letting the cold air wake me up…while the other half of me, the more sane half, wants to curl up on the couch with a blanket, a mug of cocoa and my dog for warmth.

Had it not been for a small intestinal bug i seem to have contracted, I would’ve listened to my insane half this morning:) Instead, I bundled up myself and my son, dropped him off at daycare and trudged into the office where I have been sitting, doing very little, for the past 9 hours. I could be doing some more job hunting or wrapping up my Christmas cards…something more productive than trolling facebook and twitter, waiting for the world to just land in my lap. I think that my brain may just be frozen today. Seeing as the thermometer is now reading 35, I’d take that as a real possibility.

Is it 5:30 yet? Not that I’m watching the clock or anything.



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