hitting return…

There’s that moment, you know the one, the moment before you hit “submit”, be it on a blog post, in an e-mail, or, in this case, on a job application.  It’s a moment filled with uncertainty, with what-ifs and a little bit of the butterflies in your stomach that make you pause. You sit, wondering if you’ve spellchecked enough to catch every possible error or if you’ve crafted your experience into something appealing enough for it to make it out of someone’s inbox.

Then you hit return. You send a little piece of you out into cyberspace, transmitting as 1’s and 0’s, bits and bytes. All that you want and don’t have just out there. It’s a bit liberating. It’s a bit degrading. It’s a bit nervewracking. My stomach churns just thinking about the possibility. But now I’ve taken that first step to moving on with my life. In spite of my reluctance to define myself, I do know that I’m no longer defined by my current job and, in spite of my resistance to change, putting myself out there is the healthiest thing I can do.

All I want for Christmas is a new job and I’d prefer to leave the one I have on my own terms, not through a layoff.

One keystroke can be the path to a whole new world.

You just have to hit return.


2 thoughts on “hitting return…

  1. “I’d prefer to leave the one I have on my own terms, not through a layoff.” – Bravo 🙂 Here’s to the next step. Much like running, it’s one foot in front of the other and you’re on your way.

  2. Hitting return can be a scary step, but one that opens so many doors. Best of luck on the job hunt and thanks for stopping by the Ramblings every once in a while – I’m still getting used to the idea of folks visiting again 😉

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