the not so big finish

30 days hath November.

30 times I have written.

And now I honestly have nothing big to finish it off with. Sad but true.

Who knows what tomorrow brings.

Who knows if I’ll actually attempt to (once again) keep writing on a more regular basis, now made easier by my increased capacity to post on the go.

All I know is I successfully completed NaBloPoMo yet again. Feel pretty good about it too. It wasn’t easy this year. Toddlers take a bit more looking after than newborns and life seems to have gotten exponentially more involved.

30 days. And this is all I have to show for it.



2 thoughts on “the not so big finish

  1. Hi! Found you on NaBloPoMo and figured I’d pop in and leave a comment. 🙂

    I too have those days where I can’t seem to find anything to write. I hope you attempt to do NaBloPoMo again! I’m excited to begin!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I go through this every year post NaBloPoMo…I think I need a little structure in my life right now and blogging may provide me with that. I’ll try to keep it going:)

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