One of the drawbacks to the distance between my house and my office is definitely the commute, and tonight illustrated that point to me rather clearly. In a drive that was fairly typical in length at a little over an hour, I managed to miss seeing my son before he drifted off to a premature dreamland. I do look forward to those few fleeting moments we get to spend together at the end of his day and the beginning of my evening…he’s changing so much right now. Beginning to stand unsupported. Threatening to take those first steps without the aid of a hand or a couch. I don’t want to miss out on any of this, although I’m bound to based on a number of factors that tend to prevent me from spending as much time Monday-Friday with him as I’d like. Weeks seem to pass fairly quickly when boiled down to moments with Alva and moments wasted at a job that doesn’t seem to hold my attention as much as I’d like it to. Priorities. Especially this time of year. Especially as we move into a period where he’s learning and watching and observing and really putting things together. Maybe that’s why my little man hit the hay a little earlier than usual tonight…his brain needs recharging for all that he has to discover tomorrow:).


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