Santa, baby…

It’s a wonderful bit of marketing, really, all of those jewelry commercials that air this time of year. They make ever woman feel that the holidays are the perfect time to be proposed to or wowed with something shiny and sparkly.  They air these commercials during sporting events, like football, to remind men of their obligation as the money makers and obvious question poppers…get thee to a jeweler and don’t forget to have at least two month’s salary at your disposal to drop on this little beauty.

I’m not saying that it’s a complete racket, just a bit of a brainwashing of society. Truth of the matter is, anytime is the perfect time to propose to someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. Now, granted, that question was asked of me at my husband’s holiday party and so I suppose that the powers of advertising may have worked their charms on myself and my other half…but still. Maybe I’m just spending too much time in front of the television on this fine fall Sunday, watching countless hours of football and being inundated with a ridiculous number of commercials whispering about color, cut and clarity.

Just another somewhat mindless observation by yours truly this evening. Apparently I need to get out more to increase my capacity for generating better content…


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