Over the river…

Unlike many folks out there, I choose not to travel on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, aside from the commute to and from the office. For one thing, I haven’t had the schedule in years that permits me to either take the day off entirely or leave the office at a reasonable hour in order to make such a thing possible. In addition, I spend so much of my time sitting in traffic on a typical Monday-Friday rat race kind of week…why on earth would I want to subject my entire family to that just to get to a relative’s house that much sooner? If I were to try and leave the DC area after work today, assuming I could quickly get the car packed and the husband and kid fed, it would take us roughly 6 hours to complete a 4 hour drive to Raleigh. The first two hours (at least) of that would be spent trying to escape the 40 mile radius of the metro area that is typically total gridlock on a Friday afternoon (now pushed to Wednesday b/c of the holiday). Add to that numerous through travelers who don’t drive with the same mentality as those of us who typically inhabit these roads and you have a recipe for a migraine, a divorce or alcoholism…take your pick.

No, instead I will fight the traffic to get home this evening, settle in to preparing a few dishes that will make the trip with us down to Raleigh, open a bottle of wine, enjoy some time with my son and my husband, pack the car and get a good night’s sleep in my own bed in order to actually enjoy Thanksgiving and a much more peaceful and humane drive on Thanksgiving morning. I don’t know why people put themselves through it. Seriously.

Happy T-day to all…


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