Joy…15% off today only. Standard shipping rates apply.

E-mails pile up in my inbox by the minute touting pre-black friday this and pre-cyber monday that…at what point do we lose sight of what a real bargain is and actually know what we may or may not need to purchase as gifts. How can we see any further than the mountainous stack of catalogs that seem to multiply in my mailbox daily, eventually taking up residency in my recycling bin once I get off my lazy ass and move them there from the pile on the counter. How do we actually dig through the countless e-mails in our inboxes promising deals deals deals today only? I can’t tell you the last time I actually found more than one real e-mail in my inbox, from a human being I know, sharing news from afar or holiday greetings and photos.

I love this time of year. The family, the friends, the twinkling lights and faces of children lighting up when they see Santa for the first time. I can totally buy into the red and green and gold displays and the ever present sound of carols that is piped into various retail outlets however early. I even indulge in earlier than is average holiday tunage in my vehicle to help ward off the doldrums of my often exhausting and lengthy commute. What I can’t stand is this huge drive to separate me from my money, to coerce me to buy and believe I’m saving money on things I know I don’t want and no one else really wants either.

It’s painful.

I believe I went through a process last year where I unsubscribed from so many e-mailing lists, but somehow in the process of purchasing this or that over the course of the year, I’ve ended up back on their mailing lists again, of both the snail and e varieties. Some little checkbox buried under a mile long paragraph of fine print stating that I agree to receive both your e-solicitations and to have my mailbox weighed down by your (beautiful and glossy) catalogs.

I don’t need 15% off and free shipping to enjoy them, or doorbuster deals or free monogramming.

Leave my holidays alone. Let them be merry and bright and of my own making.



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