Merries, originally uploaded by dharmabumx.

So I’m making my Christmas cards this year and having a great deal of fun doing it. I figured I should take advantage of some of my downtime to get ahead of the game on card creation. I started doing a little stamping after Alva was born, making my own Thank You cards as a cost cutting solution. Thank you cards are expensive and for a few bucks more I was able to make 5 times as many cards, changing the color of the envelope or stamp ink to match my mood or the occasion.
Yesterday I made a trip to Paper Source to purchase my sister-in-law’s Christmas gift and found myself drawn back to the little corner where all of the stamp goodies are…I’ve never had the love of paper quite like my sister does, but for some reason, the stamps speak to me. Making these little cards in their perfect proportions speaks to me…takes me back to a simpler time when I wrote a lot more letters and postcards and stuff. I’m glad I’ve held onto the habit of sending holiday cards. It’s something I really enjoy and something I have to slow down in order to do. Making them myself makes this process that much more time consuming, but in a good way. In a way that allows me to stop and breathe and take in all of the joy that I feel this time of year. Can’t wait to finish them up and put them in the mailbox so folks can be merry:) (And yes, I know it’s not Thanksgiving yet…like I said, I like being ahead of the game).



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