Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise, originally uploaded by dharmabumx.

Much like this time a year ago, my favorite time of day is that just before sunrise…when the sky starts to brighten. It means another day is beginning. Another blank canvas to fill with hopes, wishes, smiles…another serving of cheerios and bananas…another cup of milk. Another day closer to that first real step without any help. Another day to discover what noise this toy makes when thrown at the ground or how far I can push this object before someone stops me.

I start each day being greeted by a bleary eyed toddler, who sees me and smiles. What more can I ask for in life. Heck, what more can any of us ask for in life than to smile and be smiled back at.

The little things in life really are the big things. They can erase a multitude of evils, give you a fresh start, make you forget why you were annoyed in the first place. Much like a good night’s sleep and the time before sunrise.

Promise, what each day delivers. It’s up to you what to do from there.

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