Where’s your head at?

Dear woman on the GW Parkway this morning at around 6:45 am,

Is it really necessary to be texting/reading your e-mail/staring at your belly button/generally not looking at the road while operating a motor vehicle on a rather windy road? Especially when surrounded by drivers that may be somewhat impaired by lack of sleep and thusly may not react as quickly when you veer/swerve into their lane? What could possibly be that important that you’re not driving with your head facing forward, looking out of your windshield or, at the very least, periodically checking your rearview mirror?

Really. What’s that important. I need to know. If something suddenly popped up on your smartphone, which shouldn’t really be within viewing distance, but whatever, there is a lovely scenic overlook just about 1/4 mile up the hill where you could pull over and safely read whatever you must read at 6:45 am.

Part of me really wants to honk at you, bring you back to the present. Back to the part of your morning where you’re supposed to be driving a car, not updating your FB status. But I’ll exercise restraint for the safety of myself and those around you lest you make some sort of sudden movement that might involve changing lanes or braking.

I’m just happy I managed to get around you prior to you causing me to drive off the road and down the steep embankments that are alongside this very scenic route, plunging into the Potomac River below. I feel bad for those who had to continue to carefully dodge your misguided attempt at driving.

By the way, you missed a spectacular sunrise. The remaining fall foliage was aflame with the first rays of the day…it was breathtaking.

Hope your tweet/text/e-mail/lint removal was worth it.



Your fellow a.m. commuter.



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