weekend redux

where’s DC?, originally uploaded by dharmabumx.

Sunday nights are typically bittersweet affairs when I reflect on the weekend that was and rue the fact that Monday is entirely too close for comfort. This weekend is no exception. In the past 48 hours I have spent much quality time on the floor with my now 1 year old son, playing with his new blocks and watching him continue to grow and change right before my eyes. I have shared in my son’s first birthday party with family and close friends. I have watched the sun rise and set a few more times and reveled in the gorgeous late fall colors. I have taken in fantastic weather and taken my son down the slide for the first time. I have turned around my sons carseat and delighted in watching him view the world facing forward for the first time on a brief car ride.

Since giving birth a year ago, weekends give me the opportunity to stop and realize that life is entirely too short and every moment should be savored. The littlest things are bigger than we realize and those things that are often time blown out of proportion are almost always inconsequential. What are you more likely to remember, the petty fight you had with a friend or watching your child play with the autumn leaves?

Simplify. Breathe. Live.

These are the things I need to remember going into this week and the weeks ahead.


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