Coffee and company


Morning respite, originally uploaded by dharmabumx.

Today I had the pleasure of taking my sister out for coffee before work to celebrate her birthday…it’s little things like this that make me happy she made the choice to move back east, even if I don’t take advantage of the ability to do them as often as I should.

My sister and I haven’t lived in the same state, much less the same city since high school except for a month overlap when I moved back to the DC area in 2003, prior to her making the big move to the left coast. Developing an adult relationship with her is a process, for sure. Neither one of us is entirely sure how this is supposed to work, but we’re giving it a go and letting it develop as naturally as it can. We may be related, but we’re learning all over again who the other person really is.

I’m very thankful to have her less than 5 miles from my house, to have her in my son’s life and to just have a sounding board that isn’t several time zones away. Here’s to many more mornings at Misha’s.

Happy Birthday, my sister.


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