laughter is the best medicine

My son has the best laugh.

His laughter is positively infectious and could make even the hardest of individuals smile. At the end of some of my rather long and trying days followed by often longer commutes, knowing I get to see this little person, this endlessly fascinating individual makes me forget everything negative about the day. And then there’s the laugh. The silliest thing sets him off, lately its making a ‘pop’ noise with my finger in my mouth. He goes into a fit of giggles. The purest, happiest laughter. He laughs with his entire body. All of the problems of the world could be solved with these chuckles.

It puts it all in perspective, really…this whole parenthood thing. Nothing is quite as mind shifting as a child. Watching the world through his eyes, watching him discover how things work is better than any television program. It just makes you appreciate life.



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