Be Creative.

I hate those two words. Be Creative.

As a directive, they indicate that I, the designer, should use my learned and innate skills to come up with something that I like, that I think the client might like, and that might best reflect the needs of the client.

Be Creative.

What this actually means is that the account executive is entirely too lazy to tell me about the client they’re trying to sell an ad to…that they want me to do all of the legwork, research, internet surfing in order to learn as much about their potential sale that they will eventually receive commission on. Find suitable images, search our archives to see if there’s anything on file from previous ads that may or may not have run, come up with a concept, execute it, make it look fabulous and oh, e-mail them a proof because they’re too lazy to take two seconds to access our centralized, online ad proof site.

Be Creative.

What this eventually means is that the client won’t like what I’ve come up with because what I deem good design doesn’t necessarily appeal to certain clients who like to cram as much information into their ad as possible regardless of balance of white space and readability. Add a starburst and a banner oh, and maybe use comic sans or hobo or some god forsaken script font. Make it all bold and, of course, make the logo bigger. Not at all creative and, in fact, very directed by the client that the account executive should have taken 5 minutes to ask what they might be looking for in an advertisement…what kind of focus they might be wanting or maybe a message they’re trying to get out.

Be Creative.

What I really want to do is work somewhere that appreciates my creativity and at the same time allows my creativity to grow. Somewhere that fosters my desire to explore different means of communicating a message as opposed to somewhere that values starbursts and bolder typefaces.

I can’t believe I’ve been doing this job for over 7 years nor can I believe I’ve been with this company for over 12. I’m mentally in a place where I need to escape from all of this but can’t seem to physically force myself to get off my rump and do so. There’s so much else out there, it’s just a matter of chasing after it but there are only so many hours in the day. I find my job exhausting for reasons I can’t explain here. I’m burnt out, I suppose, but still collecting a paycheck.

Be Creative.

What I need to do is be creative in my search for something else. Be creative in figuring out what I want to be when I grow up (because aren’t we all still kids inside). Be creative in figuring out what my talents actually are and how I can apply them. Be creative in defining what I want my career to be, because it isn’t here. Here is depressing. Here pays the bills but costs more mentally than I’m willing to pay anymore and every day I spend sitting at this desk is a day I can’t get back.

its time.

Be Creative.


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