definitely a case of the Mondays

To say I have a case of the Mondays today would be putting it mildly. I rolled out of bed this morning after hitting snooze once to find a screaming, coughing, snot-slimed child in need of my comfort…only problem there was the typical comfort I give him he didn’t seem to want. And so my entire morning routine was thrown in to chaos. He simply would. not. stop. screaming. I really wish in instances like this that he was a tad more communicative so he could tell me what was wrong. Plying him with a 4oz bottle seemed to ease his suffering somewhat, but he still seemed off. I’m concerned he’s developing an allergy to something in our house. Possibly dust or mold or, god forbid, the dog. He’s had a cough/cold on and off for a few months and was treated for a double ear infection a while back.

Somehow having something that helpless screaming at you, well not at you but AT you, first thing in the morning can really set the tone.

Fast forward to an hour later when I’m cleaning up post workout. I’ve managed to right the ship of  my mood by pounding out a quick mile on the treadmill and running myself through a quick 30-minute legs/arms/abs circuit. Nothing like a little endorphin rush to perk me up. So, locker room, quick nice hot shower, primping and styling, dressing and…shoes. I pack my gym bag the night before. What I had thought were two, identical, black mary janes were in fact two completely different shoes with different enough heel heights to make wearing them impossible. So now I’m sitting at my desk sporting tennis shoes along with my skirt. Let me tell you how stylish I’m feeling right now.

Add to this the fact that I’m a little over a week away from my birthday and I’m beginning to feel a little woeful about the whole thing. We’re heading into the time of year where I typically pack on the lbs. by way of beer and lethargy regardless of how many miles I’m putting on my sneakers on a M-F basis due to the fact that I spend most Sundays couch bound watching football. In addition I’ve been eating rather poorly the past few weeks in response to what I’m not exactly sure. Things around the office might have me a bit on edge and a bit sad…losing coworkers is never an enjoyable experience, especially when they’re people who are very much a part of the fabric of your daily life. I resolved yesterday to start doing what I could to eat better and keep myself accountable for everything I’m ingesting…liquid and solid,  Loosely tracking calories via my Weight Watchers e-tools in hopes of battling the impending bulge. I didn’t work so hard to lose all of that baby weight in less than 9 months only to put part of it back on again.

So here it is, Monday, and i’m just off balance. Already. And there are 4 days to go in this week.

Desperately need to change course. Nothing too drastic, just veer enough off the path I’m currently on to improve my mood.



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