It’s a marshmallow world

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Our front yard., originally uploaded by dharmabumx.

My son has been born into a world where it actually snows in the winter. Not just flurries or a few inches, but record setting snow. We’ve had several big storms thus far this winter and this one breaks the bank. The flakes started falling at exactly 10:01 Friday morning (one minute after the winter storm warning went into effect) and still haven’t stopped as of 4:50 pm Saturday evening. Big wet snow. Heavy snow. The kind of snow that requires several shoveling passes so that you’re not trying to manage too much at once. The kind of snow that makes walking the dog a bit difficult because the snowdrifts are taller than he is. The kind of snow that means I’ll most likely be phoning it in come Monday morning. We’re incredibly fortunate that we haven’t lost power yet, but I know that we’re not yet out of the woods on that one.

Alva is witness to something most people around here don’t see in a lifetime. True, honest to god, winter. It’s unfortunate that he’s too small to get outside and really enjoy/experience it because it’s quite breathtaking and scary all at the same time.


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