spam recycling

I’ve spent the past week sifting though an inbox that I apparently haven’t given enough TLC to. Through the process of purchasing countless gifts online, participating in political activities a few years back and giving out my e-mail address at brick and mortar retail establishments without reading through what would happen to it, I have accumulated an obnoxious amount of, unfortunately, solicited junk mail. When catalogues, credit card requests and coupon paks come to my mailbox, I dutifully recycle them. When my e-mailbox fills with the digital equivalent, I ignore the e-mails rather than deleting them or marking them as spam. What has resulted is a daily check of my e-mail first thing in the morning to discover 20 items in my inbox, maybe one or two of which is actual e-mail from an actual person that I actually correspond with.

After a day when I received nothing but junk e-mail, I decided it was time to take back my inbox.

I’m becoming a fervent unsubscriber. I click unsubscribe at the bottom of each of these inbox clogging e-mails, am directed to the appropriate website and let them know that I am no longer interested in receiving offers for pears or broadway ticket deals or workout clothing or letters about the latest political upheaval that they want my support behind…I’m freeing myself from unwanted contact, from sales that tempt me to spend money I shouldn’t and causes I don’t really care about. Simplifying my life just a little so that there’s somewhat less noise to distract me from what needs to be done, needs to be read and needs to be attended to. I suppose the other solution would’ve been to open a new e-mail account or hit the junk mail button thus teaching my inbox what I do and don’t want to read, but I’d really rather just spare these companies, and my storage space, the hassle of contacting me in hopes that I’ll throw a few bucks their way.

2010, the year of simplification. Plain and simple. I suppose I should consider that my resolution.


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