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At 8 weeks post partum, I’ve managed to shed all but 5 pounds of my pregnancy weight. I’m sure that sitting around the house a bit more than I usually would given the cold weather has contributed to the fact that I’m not dropping that last bit of weight…well, that and the holidays. In any event, I’m determined to shed that 5 pounds and a few more if my body will allow me to once I go back to “real life” next week and start getting back to my daily trip to the gym. This is not a resolution I’m making. I’m not out to say “I will lose 5 pounds by such and such date”. I’m just ready to be a little less sedentary. I think that a little extra activity plus a little less snacking in combination with the fact that I’m breastfeeding will more than allow me to reach my rather minor weight goals. Not to mention that by building my core strength back up and strengthening the muscles in my legs I’ll alleviate the back pain I get from lifting my son and the weak knee issues I seem to be having. I can’t wait to run again, and I know that will help in the pound sheddage as well.

Not only will exercise remedy this weight issue but a little healthier snacking/eating will go a long way toward lowering my caloric intake throughout the day. If I can just manage to increase the vegetables and decrease the snacky unhealthy stuff I’ve been feasting on this weight loss should be a cinch. Time to ease back into a more normal eating pattern of breakfast, lunch and dinner as opposed to several breakfasts, a late lunch, a snack then dinner. Eating at a more leisurely pace will most likely help as well.

Here’s to a few pounds shed in the coming weeks and a much healthier outlook on life.


2 thoughts on “light

    • True, but I really want to get back to eating a bit more healthfully and moving a bit more so that my body will be able to keep up with him by the time that happens.

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