one week

mom’s eye view, originally uploaded by dharmabumx.

I’ve only got one week left of my maternity leave. One week until I return to the hectic world of rush hour commutes and an inbox full of requests waiting to be taken care of. No longer will my out of office client send auto replies to the wants and needs of a sales team I’m not sure fully appreciated me when I was there or learned to appreciate me while I was gone. And while I really do look forward to having some adult time during the day, I’m not entirely sure that my job and the stress that goes along with it and the person it makes me become are my cup of tea anymore.

One week until I have to hand over my child to someone else to care for every morning, a task I’m still not sure I’m up to. How will I deal with not seeing every moment of my son’s day, knowing that someone else is or isn’t watching his every move. These are things I’m going to have to come to grips with and feelings I’m going to have to learn to supress in order to get through my day.

One week until I bear two titles, mother and worker…I’m curious to see how this all goes and at the same time wanting to stay in this world I’ve created for myself here at home with my son a little longer.

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