Not a creature was stirring…

I have a few moments of peace this morning, which brings me back to my computer and the internet. Yesterday was a bit taxing as Alva wanted/needed to be held almost constantly from the time we woke up until his father came home from work. I was hoping that it was just a passing one day thing and I was correct. Nothing seems to be consistent yet in the life of my newborn son, but what was I expecting from a 5-week old baby? Perfection? Cuteness? The ability to adhere to a schedule? Not quite. I need to learn to be thankful for the nights, like last night, where he sleeps for 4.5 hours straight so that I can awake feeling refreshed and ready to tackle whatever this whole parenting gig throws at me next.

At 5 weeks, Alva is now out of his newborn diapers, almost, and into size 1 diapers, almost. I say almost because he appears to be between sizes. The newborns, which we are now completely out of in the house, are a bit too snug, cutting into his chubby little thighs and hips, while the size 1s appear to be a bit roomy. There isn’t a huge gap between the elastic and his leg, but it doesn’t seem as though it would quite contain a mess should one occur…I suppose that could just be because I’m used to how snug the NB diapers were. They were loose on him once too. He seems to be growing right before my eyes, which is a good thing considering how much he eats some days. I’m trying to make sure I’ve gone through his clothing and that he gets to wear all of his newborn stuff once more before they’re too small. This is most evident in the footed sleepers where it looks like he could just stretch right out of them…I can’t believe he’s already grown out of some of my favorite outfits for him. The other day my mother commented that a lot of the photos I’ve taken show him in the same sleeper over and over again. The days, at this point, seem to run into each other so I don’t think I’ve got the mental capacity to think too much about what he’s wearing on any given day. My goal is to make sure that he’s comfortable and that he’s clothed, not to make sure that what he’s wearing necessarily matches or that it hasn’t been worn in the past week. I suppose, to me anyhow, that’s the beauty of having a son instead of a daughter…there will be a lot less judgement on his fashion sense at least at this stage in his life and as long as what he’s wearing is clean I should be fairly safe from scrutiny:) There will be plenty of time for him to become fashion conscious or, if he takes after his father, plenty of time for him to develop a love of t-shirts, button downs and jeans, mostly the same 3 or 4 outfits over and over again, until some woman comes along and helps him out in the wardrobe department.

What a peaceful morning. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. I’m sitting in my kitchen, looking at the lights on the Christmas tree in the living room and waiting for my son to stir again so we can begin our daily fun, but for now I think I’ll just enjoy the silence, knowing how fleeting it can be.


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