alert and awake

alert and awake, originally uploaded by dharmabumx.

My little man has been rather alert over the past few days. I’m not sure if this is just part of his personality developing or if it has to do with how much I interact with him. The two of us have been taking little field trips to the grocery store and the post office. I carry on conversations with him, although they’re rather one sided:). I just want him to be stimulated by the world around him. Not to mention I need to get out of the house myself. If I don’t leave the confines of the living room every few days or preferably every day I get a little stir crazy.
It’s really cool watching him develop into a tiny person who knows my voice, my touch, my warmth…he knows who mommy is, or at least he knows who’s providing lunch. Gradually he’s starting to look directly at myself or Chris depending on who’s talking to him/holding him. He’s beginning to smile a little bit, even when he doesn’t have gas:). Just little glimmers of personality coming through. I can’t believe he’s nearly 5 weeks old. Where has the time gone?

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