Getting in the spirit

This week is all about making a list and checking it twice, but not to find out who’s naughty or nice. I’m trying my best to maximize my free time and get all of the Christmas stuff done early so that I can really enjoy the holiday time when we’re visiting with family later this month. So far I think I’m doing pretty well as far as being ahead of the game. I’ve got nearly all of my gifts here in the house and just need to personalize a few items. Christmas cards are on my radar/to do list for this week, so those should be out of my way before mid-month. I suppose I could take the opportunity while Alva is napping to wrap some gifts and double check a few cookie recipes so that my trek to the grocery store this morning is fruitful. It’s all about time management these days and nothing really helps get that point home like managing time around the holidays with an infant who’s exclusively breastfeeding. Definitely cuts my day into bitesized, hands-free pieces.

So I’m getting in the spirit of the season, one day, one hour, one minute at a time:)


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