breaking out

It’s a beautiful 60 degree day in December and I figured I’d take advantage of it by escaping the house. Sitting around on the couch or in the glider most of the day is definitely not the way back to my prebaby body. Granted I’ve lost most of the baby weight according to the scale, but I’m still feeling a little less than toned. In fact, I felt more fit when I was pregnant simply because I wasn’t as sedentary as I have been in the past three weeks. So, needless to say, today’s stroll was exactly what the doctor ordered. Alva really enjoys being carried around in his Chicco carrier. He sleeps most of the time because he’s all cuddled up next to my body. It’s the easiest way, right now, for me to be out and about with him as it allows me freedom of movement. I get the use of both hands and I’m not having to push a stroller or carry the infant carrier. It give me the opportunity to do a little load bearing exercise (in terms of carrying his weight) while not putting too much strain on my joints. Today we walked around Old Town Alexandria, hitting up a few spots I wanted to go to, wrapping up a bit of Christmas shopping that couldn’t be done online and returning a few items. It gave me the opportunity to practice navigating the world on my own with a newborn and also gave me the chance to just be out and about among the waking world, tall gingerbread latte in hand, instead of lost in the endless loop of news cycles that never seem to end.

I need to make sure I’ve got some warmer gear for Alva so that the cooler weather doesn’t necessarily prevent me from at least walking around the block. I can’t spend the next 6 weeks sitting on my ass…it might prevent me from wearing my pre-pregnancy work clothes come January 12th 😉


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