dating myself…15 year reunion

(chalk mural drawn by my sister for my graduation cookout, June 1994)

Tonight I will be attending my 15 year high school reunion. 15 years. Seriously.

The friends I have remained closest to are the friends I had in high school. We tend to get together at least once a year or whenever the folks that moved away are back in town. In my mind, none of us has really aged, we’ve just gotten bigger/smaller/more married/more maternal/more responsible. Time kind of stands still when we get together. It will be interesting to see who else shows up at the reunion tonight that I haven’t seen since the 10 year or 5 year.

5 of the 7 of us in this photo, taken New Year’s Eve 1993 (when it became 1994) will be present tonight.

Some folks have called me a little nuts for going to an event like this a mere 2 weeks after having a baby, but I’m feeling up to it. My husband will be staying behind to take care of Alva and I’ve pumped enough to cover 2 feedings if necessary. I don’t plan on staying much longer than 2-3 hours…the fact that I’m breastfeeding doesn’t quite allow my body to stay away from my child much longer than that unless I’m willing to pack the pump in the car.

15 years. I don’t feel that I’m that old, or that so much time has passed. Of course nor do I feel that I’m so young to have just graduated high school. Heck, I wouldn’t want to go back to that point in my life unless I could take with me everything that I’ve learned since then.


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