The root of the problem

Looks like our sewer/water line out to the street is going to need to be replaced sooner rather than later. Tree roots or something else is preventing the water from doing what it needs to be doing. This is a bit of a bummer and will probably be a decent hit in the wallet just before the holidays. Last week we had someone come out and snake the pipes which was supposed to fix the problem but apparently didn’t do enough. When I run the washing machine, both sides of the kitchen sink fill up and the drain overflows just beside the pipe that goes out of the house. This is a fairly common occurrence in our neighborhood. Every few months you see a yard dug up and pipe being relaid. I’m starting my research now and have websites bookmarked for 3-4 different companies that do this sort of work so I can get a few estimates. I want this done soon. I have a newborn baby that produces ample laundry and would rather not spend my free time at the laundromat. Fortunately we can still shower and wash dishes but for whatever reason the washer dryer just puts too much of a strain on the system. Ugh. I suppose I should look at the bright side. This is something we can afford to have fixed. We have money in savings for exactly this reason, for emergencies. Home ownership isn’t always sunshine and roses but when things need to be taken care of, it’s better to go ahead and just get them taken care of before a larger problem presents itself.

This is so very much the last thing we needed right now. I mean, we’ll be ok, we’ll be fine, but seriously. I feel like adjusting to a newborn and the sleep schedule is probably enough for me right now, I know it’s enough for my husband. Oh well. What can you do, right?


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