time flies

In 6 days my parents will return to Tennessee. They’ve been here since the first of the month to help out in the days leading to and following Alva’s birth. It has been wonderful to have their help and support in this period of transition. I have eaten much healthier than I know I would’ve if I were responsible for the cooking. I have had a much cleaner house as well. Tiny home improvement tasks have been performed, some in my absence, helping to make life around here a little easier, a little less cluttered. Thanks to my mom being over daily, I have been able to be a little more hands free and relax a lot more rather than taking the time while Alva is sleeping to take care of the house. I have also learned a lot of things by watching my mother, by listening to my father. Things that will help out going forward. Whether or not they realize how much both my husband and I appreciate all that they’ve done for us this month is another issue. Even with the best of intentions, sometimes both sides just rub each other the wrong way. My parents are very incapable of just sitting still and when they’re both over here and I don’t have activities to keep them busy it gets a little nutty. It makes it very hard for me to relax because I’m trying to make sure that they’re entertained or that they have something to do, because that’s what they came here for. In my mind, some days, the best thing that they could do to help me out is to sit, relax, mind the baby and let me sleep. Hard to do when there are busybodies scurrying about. It just keeps the energy level in the house at a level a notch above relaxing.

As my mother put it yesterday when referring to a disagreement that my father and her had, “too much together time”. I’ll miss them when they’re gone, but it will give me a chance to figure out how to do this on my own.

We’ll see them again at the holidays when we travel south to Tennessee for about 6 days, at which point Alva will be over 1 month old.

Where does the time go?



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