Growth spurt

This morning I dressed Alva in one of his cute new 3 month footed onesies…the kind that 10 days ago would’ve just been swimming on him. It fit. Not snugly or anything, which is a good thing, I’m not sure how much I’m ready for him to be bigger. Amazing. I see him every day and nearly every hour of every day right now, so I can’t really tell that he’s growing and gaining weight. I know that he’s a voracious eater. I take pride when I hear his noisy gulps at my breast and when I see milk dribbling from his chin when he’s finished. It let’s me know that he’s getting what he needs from me. But I’m not really aware of the chemistry of what’s happening inside his body with those calories. I noticed yesterday when I put him in one of his newborn size footed onesies that it was a little snug, or short…he seemed unable to really stretch out with out stretching out of the outfit. Guess it’s time to admit that I need to buy a few more outfits for him. Since we didn’t find out what we were having, we didn’t receive a lot of clothing prior to Alva’s birth. In the days since, we have received some articles of clothing that are boy appropriate so that we don’t have to constantly dress him in yellow outfits with ducks (have I ever mentioned how much I don’t like ducks…specifically the ones that adorn children’s clothing). I’ve put off going on any sort of shopping trip for him simply because I knew we’d get gift items. But now that the well seems to have dried up ever so slightly, I suppose it’s time for me to make a trek to Target or something so that he’s not wearing the same two or three outfits daily, so that he has something that’s appropriate for the season/weather/time of year, so that I’m not doing laundry every two days. Who knew that someone so tiny could go through so many changes of clothing in a day?


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