Learning to fly

This morning I take my first step toward flying solo on this daytime parenting gig.  It actually all started last night when Chris passed Alva off to me at around 10:30pm and said he wasn’t planning on getting up again during the night. This is obviously a system we’re going to need to work on, especially once I go back to work in January, but for now, I don’t mind drifting in and out of consciousness on the couch, most of the time with a newborn draped over me either latched onto my breast or cuddled in my arms, sleeping but not deeply enough to enable me to put him in the bassinet so that I can stretch out and catch some zzzs. This morning, I successfully dropped the baby off, not really sleeping, but freshly diapered, in his crib and showered…he had soothed himself by the time I was done and gave me a good 30 minutes of hands free me time. Currently, as we wait for my mother to arrive to help me out for the day, he’s snuggled up in the bouncy chair, sleeping like I probably should be. I’d say all in all I’m doing ok with this, at least today. I got about 4-5 total hours of sleep last night in bits and pieces with the longest stretch being from 8-10:30 last night in the bed. I’m pretty sure, but cannot confirm, that the two of us slept curled up together on the couch just kind of leaning to the side a little onto pillows, for about 1.5-2 hours sometime in the 2-4:30 am range and then nipped and napped from 4:30-5:30…it’s not the most restful or deepest sleep but it beats sitting here, bleary eyed, watching TV in the middle of the night. I’m contemplating going back up to the nursery to nurse at some point this evening and possibly trying to sleep in bed for an hour or two just to ease the pain in my back that’s beginning to develop.

We’re getting the hang of this, day by day…and with a newborn apparently that’s the only way you can take it. You can’t really plan for what comes next, you just have to wait for it to happen. And now, delicious, precious coffee beckons!


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