a very trying tuesday


Slightly open eyes, originally uploaded by dharmabumx.

As if being a new mom and getting used to all of that isn’t enough…yesterday the joys of home ownership also played a part in the sheer exhaustion and overwhelmedness (not even sure that’s a word) that is my life right now. Around 9 am, while doing a load of laundry, the drain pipe to our house decided to get backed up and start leaking grey water. This resulted in a half-finished, rather sopping wet load of darks in the washer, a pot full of stinky drainwater, and a very frazzled mom & dad (that being my husband and myself, not my parents.) Long story short, we had a plumber come out, diagnose the situation, which resulted in a very lengthy snaking of our drain pipe. Thank god my father and husband were both around.

At the end of the day, we all survived. We all slept. And life goes on.


4 thoughts on “a very trying tuesday

    • Yeah, the whole risk/reward thing kind of comes into play…the tax benefits are worth it as is a lot of home ownership, but sometimes the stuff that happens just throws you for a loop. You’re never quite prepared and all you can do is write the check and let it get fixed.

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