eat, sleep, blog

The title of this post could almost apply to both myself and Alva. I had been told, and had read, that newborns sleep a lot (when you’d rather they were awake) and that they eat a lot…Alva isn’t quite up for blogging yet, and I’m inserting a lot of thoughts here on his behalf. Lately this is the cycle of my day, which, again, has no proper beginning or end. I feed, I put him down, or fall asleep with him resting on my lap or chest, I blog. He eats, he sleeps, he contributes to my blogging by being the subject matter most represented.

Morning has come again and I get a few minutes of respite from my motherly duties, a few minutes to myself to type with two hands and enjoy some oatmeal and a cup of tea. It amazes me how quickly a cry from Alva will bring me back to my role as mother and caregiver. I didn’t realize how strong that instinct was. I never saw myself playing this part. Finding creative solutions to sleep issues and fussiness. Figuring out as I go along what he needs, what I need, what needs to be done in order to get to a place where everyone can function. It’s pretty amazing how easily this takes over your life, how seamlessly you go from just being a woman to being a mother. The job description I was provided with doesn’t quite do a good job explaining all of the details.

Mother. Really? Me?


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