Sleep is for the weak…

I think the last time I felt this way was sometime during college when I stayed up all night for no good reason. At that time I believe I was reading Brave New World and just couldn’t put it down. Next thing I knew, the sun was coming up and I just stayed awake, greeting the day with a smile.

This go around, I was in and out of sleep all night for a pretty good reason. It’s definitely a brave new world I’m living in, one of tiny waving fists and inability to feed on one side at times…seriously, who knew this kid would prefer my right boob to my left…I’ve never seen a man so unwilling to take a breast to the mouth ;). Now that the sun is up, I’m actually feeling more human, but I think that’s because Alva knows that now is when he’ll sleep. He seems to like noise. Go figure, he is my kid…I don’t like to fall asleep in silence either and being so new to this world I’m sure that it’s all very confusing and overwhelming. Well, I’d say that sentiment goes for all of us here in the Dudley household. Confused, overwhelmed and in need of sleep.

Breakfast beckons from the other room. It’s nice having family around to help take care of me while I’m busy taking care of him. Being able to pop this breakfast casserole in the oven an hour ago and knowing I’d have a satisfying breakfast that I didn’t have to work for was comforting this morning. Now if only I could make my body heal faster so I would be better equipped for all that is being thrown at me. Soon enough, I suppose. Soon enough.


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