holding pattern

I sit here in my  hospital bed, still recovering from the birth of my son and waiting for him to return from his first surgical procedure, circumcision…it’s nice to have a few moments of peace, although thus far Alva is a rather quiet child. He did get quite a bit fussy last night around midnight which proved somewhat challenging for me as my husband was able to sleep through it and my mobility is still somewhat hampered by the recovery process.

There really, truely is nothing that prepares you for this job. It’s all on the job training. From breastfeeding to diapering and swaddling, I’m learning a whole lot that I didn’t know before and most of it at the hands of a man who’s not even been on this planet two full days. How he knows so much more than I do is beyond me:)

I’m looking forward to checking out of the hospital this afternoon and returning to my house and my bed, to seeing my dog for the first time since Tuesday and introducing him to Alva…I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this all goes off without a hitch. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy waiting for my son to be returned to me and hoping he doesn’t remember anything about what’s happening to him right now:)


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