last check of the checklist

It’s 7 am on a Tuesday morning in early November. I’m awake and tired of playing the waiting game. I can only imagine what women who don’t have a scheduled induction date circled on their calendar must go through, each night going to bed thinking that it will be their last with a prodtruding stomach and flutters inside…I can’t believe that the day is finally here…or nearly here.

We’ll be leaving to head to the doctor’s office in about 15 minutes. There, my OB will let us know if I should come back to the hospital later tonight in order to prep my cervix, or if everything is progressing nicely and to just be back at the ass crack of dawn tomorrow for my induction to begin. I would’ve preferred unassisted childbirth, but in a lot of ways, taking the uncertainty out of the equation is relieving. I have very little doubt that this birth won’t be able to happen normally, as in avoiding surgery/c-section, and I’m just ready to get the next part over and done with so I don’t have to sit home on the couch for another day, watching Birth Stories on TLC and psyching myself out…

Tomorrow I give birth to our first born child. Tomorrow we get to meet the newest member of our family. I can’t wait.


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