best if used by 11/9/09

Today marks 40 weeks of pregnancy.

36 weeks ago I peed on a stick and got a plus sign, indicating that my urine was pregnant.

5% of all pregnancies end on their due date, which is not an exact science. I have a rather strong feeling that mine will end on Wednesday, 11/11…the date of my scheduled induction. Most things in my life seem to fall into place that way, the way they were planned by myself or someone else…scheduled events, rather than pleasant surprises. Although, this will most likely qualify as a pleasant scheduled event, or at least I’d like to think so.

My brain is unable to function at full capacity today, not because I’m preoccupied with what’s next, but because it just doesn’t want to work at all…good thing I don’t have much on my plate other than continued tidying of my house, consuming of consumables, drinking of water, reading of books. The waiting game really does suck, you know. I think a tiny part of me thought this kid would come out today or yesterday or at some point in the past week…just a little tiny part.

This morning the baby’s feet were so far up in my ribs I thought it was trying to stretch out like I do in bed in the morning…lengthen from head to toe, to test the limits of its confines. My thoughts on that is if you want more room, you’re pointing toward the exit door…feel free to come on out and you can have all the room you want to stretch and flail and yawn and breathe.

And that’s about all I have to say about this. Hoping I can keep up with writing over the next few days, but won’t make any promises. Breakfast beckons from the other room and I’m starving.



2 thoughts on “best if used by 11/9/09

  1. All 3 of ours came on the scheduled induction date – not before or after. Not even sure what that mad rush to the hospital is like…but it didn’t seem to matter too much once the kid arrived 🙂

    Good luck with everything – I know from Jennifer’s last weeks how uncomfortable you must be…can’t wait to hear the awesome news! 🙂

    • I’m more just anxious than purely uncomfortable at this point…just kind of over this state of my body and ready to meet the newest Dudley.

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