ideal sunday matchup

I don’t think I could ask for a better opponent for my football team today…On the Sunday before the birth of our first child, the last Sunday we’ll have to indulge in our all-day football binge, the Falcons host the Redskins. My team against his. The only thing that would make this all the more appropriate would be if I went into labor in the middle of the game:)

In any other year the two of us would have most likely made the trip to Atlanta for the game as we did back in 2003…but being nearly 40 weeks pregnant puts a bit of a damper on that…something tells me that the excitement of a game like that in person would probably send me into labor.

It’s interesting how time is measured for me these days. For nine months, i’ve measured my life in weeks…as in weeks of pregnancy. Now, I think of time in terms of days and hours left of this part of my life and days and hours left until I can hold this baby in my arms…still so unsure of how that will feel to me, how it will all make me feel. I don’t expect some sort of magical transformation into motherhood. Far from it… But still, I wonder what it will all be like.

For now, I count the hours until kickoff…nervous as I usually am before a game, silly as that may sound to many…hoping that it’s my team that’s victorious come 4pm when 4 quarters of football have been played. Happy Sunday. Go Falcons.


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